We work closely together with you to understand all requirements and provide the best bespoke tailored service.
We know you need a fixe quote, and we will give you one. We know you might need support in space planning, we can support you. We know you have deadlines, and we will stick to that. We know you need flexibility, we will be flexible when it occurs. Either you are looking for a one-off bespoke piece of furniture or something to suit an unsual corner, relax: we have it all.

We work on premium projects either with blue-chip companies and for HNWI individuals. That’s why you can count on our confidentiality.
Some of our best clients are happy to be part of Cabas portfolio, you can browse from our Reference page.

If you are are product designer and you’ve design a luxury furniture collection, Cabas can be yourr partner. Cabas has been manufacturing high-end seating for years and now it is looking for designers who have talent but have no means to turn designs/prototypes into an item manufactured on a large scale. If your idea or design fits our target audience, contact us at