Cabas has always been very attentive to the safety and reliability of its collections. Collections, which for their intended use, are subject to much more intensive use than the home environment.

Product Safety
Speaking of safety means for Cabas to go beyond compliance with European standards and laws: a product is considered safe when, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, it does not present any risk or presents only minimal risks compatible with the use of the item. Considering that our products are destined to highly visited environments, such as restaurants or lounge areas, we carry out further constructive and mechanical tests to verify stability.

Product Reliability
Reliability is the ability of a product to perform certain functions during the conditions for which they were designed. This is why we plan accelerated and virtual tests to ensure compliance of Cabas collections with laws and to identify the limits within which an item by Cabas remains intact in use. For limits we mean, for instance, the maximum weight capacity, how many chairs can be stacked and other variables that do not structurally damage the purchased product.

Eu rules represent for the designer a useful starting point, a help rather than a constraint on creativity; for the producer are an indispensable tool to choose the most suitable materials for the intended use. We do not spare product research and testing before production: Cabas collections are objectively safe, reliable and of incomparable quality without forgetting aesthetics.